Sunday, August 18, 2013

Is the End Near? Really?

With an ever-growing list of dates for the end of the world it is difficult to rise up and react each time with the proper level of fear. I have to admit I was a bit jittery last December. According to the sudden expiration of the Mayan calendar there should have been an apocalyptic event that would have ended the world. That’s like finding someone’s diary, noting the date of the last entry and concluding that it is predicting your death.  I think. But what do I know, I’m just a dumb old girl.

NASA scientists have come forth to end the confusion and explain to us that predictions were off by a few months and we are due to face devastation, destruction and annihilation on October 1st of this year. We (the earth) are in the direct line of a solar flare and because of the lining up of the planets to clear its path should be blasting us with blowtorch intensity in a few short weeks. What will happen? There will be a worldwide blackout, death, and sudden climate changes causing death, tsunamis, earthquakes and radiation. Did I mention death?

The end of the world has threatened me every year since 1967.  One web site touted over 250 well-known predictions but I think there are far more than that. I have to admit, they got to me in 2000 (Y2K). I was expecting all electronic devices to stop, banks would be left vulnerable, no food, no water and death. Yes, death. What happened? Nothing. But a lot of companies spent thousands of dollars upgrading their systems to prevent collapse and it’s a good thing they did. Somebody got rich.

What will the person or groups ultimately say who accurately predict the end of the world?
“Told ‘ya.”
And on that day I’ll feel like a gigantic horses patoot for not believing. I have to admit I am more concerned with age spots than sunspots. Are my teeth white enough? Are these bananas organic, how can I protect my family from the evils of gluten? Will Steinmart have their next 25% sale before summer ends and when will gas prices stabilize?

Reports are showing that FEMA is spending millions of dollars on survival supplies to be delivered to District 3 before October first. Okay, and if I sit and watch NASA scientists on YouTube, I will slowly begin to stop. Stop writing, stop singing and stop caring. What’s the use? It’s all ending anyway. Why do anything except be afraid?

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to feel like that. That’s right, I’m going to risk the embarrassment of not heeding the warning and continue to live my life as if it is my last day, love the precious people in my life and throw sweet caution to the wind. I just hope I don’t get cited for littering.

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