Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sitting There With Vague On My Face

The art of using lots of words without saying anything in particular is quite useful. I have to admit I haven’t mastered the art, but I do appreciate it when I run across it…well, not run, but maybe walk briskly, I don’t have enough energy to run.
My latest example was a response from a vendor that the company I work for deals with. The question was, “Can you tell me when our order will ship?” The following is their reply sent via e-mail.

Hello Venita,

Your P.O. 55437 is estimated to ship within 3-6 business days. We have a 24 hour turn over rate policy and we have item #4873 in stock at all times. But because your order is custom (we ask them to tape the inner box shut), we can take a little longer to ship in regards to our policy.
Usually your orders arrive to you in a timely manner , between 2 and 3 weeks, because of the particular product you order. My point is, that you never know for sure when your orders are estimated to ship. I would like to change your account to where you’ll receive your future invoices via email. If we can do that, you will receive your invoice the very day that your order ships. For one, you’d know if your order has/hasn’t shipped, and two, we provide tracking information on the bottom of our invoices so you could track your order. Of course, this feature is ONLY available for UPS ground shipments.
Would you like me to set your account up that way using this email address? If you prefer a physical invoice in the mail, that is perfectly fine, of course your order may arrive before the invoice.
About 87% of our customers have converted to paperless business. If you've already got an important bit of paperwork in your hand but you want to digitize it, you need a good document scanner. I'm still loving my Fujitsu ScanSnap, a portable document scanner that I bust out for contracts, legal agreements, and other already-in-paper-form documents. Jaksa advises putting everything from individual business information and forms to maps and newsletters in PDF format, which is compatible with any computer. Users can enter the information directly onto the PDF, and then it can be sent to be a database.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact me anytime to check up on your orders as well to get a roughly estimated ship date! Thanks, Venita, have a great rest of the week!

Warm Regards,
Marcia Grand x 100