Sunday, May 19, 2013

A License to Hunt Ghosts

Recently, one of my friends showed me a photo of her family. The sun was shining, the grass was green, blossoms were blooming, everyone was smiling and she indicated the light orb just to the right of her is her mother.  It was just above her shoulder. I suggested to her that maybe the orb was a dust particle, a drop of moisture or a bug on the lens.

“Really?” she said. “Then how do you explain the fact that this is the only photo with the orb in it? We took lots of photos of our gathering with that camera and this is the only one with the mauve orb? Mauve was my mother’s favorite color and didn’t you notice the Herringbone pattern in it?”

Yes, I have to admit I did.

I’m no stranger to the supernatural. I have had paranormal experiences that could curl a porcupine’s quills. Footsteps in the kitchen when no one else was home, loud knocks on a wall, one night when I was fourteen, my mother and I awoke to a very loud crash but when we got up and investigated, nothing was out of place and my father and sister said they hadn’t heard a thing. The dog hadn’t even woken up. I have felt the presence of departed loved ones (I just seemed to know who was there) and even felt a tingly touch on my skin and the back of my hair being stroked. 

This led me to wonder about ghost hunters. Don’t ask me why. I can’t explain how my mind works either. Do you need a license to hunt? How do you get started? Where do you look? Do you need a psychic? Do you have to go at night when it’s creepy or can you hunt in the safe light of day?

Well let me tell you, there are scads of websites dealing with ghost hunters, countless photos and videos of orbs and a few sites with information for the do it yourselfer. A book is offered for the low price of $49.95 that will explain the theories behind ghostly activity, defining the spectral, organizing and conducting investigations and even where to shop for affordable detection tools.

There are ghost terminators, ghost rescuers and ghost groups. There are two types of spirits, one was a human at one time and the other was never human and considered bad news. I had a boyfriend once whose mother referred to me as bad news but that’s another story.  There are clairvoyants (seeing) clairaudients (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) clairgustance (tasting) and clairalience (smelling). I guess there is a clair for everything and everyone. I could use some clairpesos (the ability to detect money) or maybe a medium of exchange. Hey! I hear you groaning.

One of the sites I visited offered a home study course for a ghost hunting certification for $400. Now I ask you, do you really need to flaunt a ghost hunting badge at someone when a simple business card would do?  And would you be taken seriously?  Really?

Did you know they hold the annual Paranormal Awards in New Hampshire? Some of the categories are, Investigator of the Year, Researcher of the Year, Internet Show of the Year and Radio Show of the Year.  You are judged on strict criteria by a panel of professional judges with years of experience in the field of the paranormal. I’m really close on this one.

The University of Glasgow is now offering a course in psychical research for which you can earn a diploma but there is nothing of this nature in America…yet. There are plenty of seminars, groups, experts and investigators who are willing to help you for a fee. Are there government regulations for ghost hunters? Does there need to be?

What makes me real sad are those who appeal to the grief stricken. Someone who would go anywhere, do anything and pay any amount of money to have the chance to touch, see, feel, hear and smell the ones they miss so fiercely, and believe me, there are heap of ‘em.

I have lost a few that are near and dear to me,…parents, friends, a love and six years ago, my son. I don’t need a diploma to talk to him, to believe I hear his answers. I don’t need an infra-red camera when I can close my eyes and see his smile.  I don’t need a powerful EMF pump to feel the love I shared with him. I don’t need a boost amplifier because his laugh is burned into my memory.  I don’t have to pay for the intention to spend time with him. All I need is a wish and my belief that we never really die. 


  1. As usual, a wonderful, insightful article.!

  2. It's hard for me to believe that departed spirits have nothing better to do than hang around spooking us. I don't really believe in this stuff but I respect the fact that many people do.

  3. Even though I don't believe in the supernatural this was still funny to read