Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mild Violence, Brief Nudity

I watched a movie last night and before it aired a warning appeared. The film contained mild violence. What does mild violence mean? Will there be scenes of savage pillow fights or will they be using bullets for sensitive skin?  Define inappropriate for younger audiences please, without spoilers. Why would an individual be up to viewing gore and sex at thirteen but not twelve? How does that additional year prepare you for nudity, lust, greed, murder and mayhem that had been deemed unsuitable just twelve months earlier?

Who actually decides how movies are rated? How do they know who should watch what and the type of effect it would have on them? Why can seventeen year olds go to see R-rated films but don’t actually reach adulthood until the age of eighteen?

A little research revealed the Motion Picture Association of America voluntarily rates movies to prevent government regulation. Of course, there have been infringement lawsuits with producers and distributers over fraudulent applications as in the case of, I Spit On Your Grave.  It seems it received an inappropriate rating of R. I mean what’s a little hard language, rape, drug use, tough violence, blood and torture anyway?  

I suppose it is still better than having the government get involved. Can you even imagine? I can.

Federal Movie Rating Management
Funding in Millions
Movie Theorists
Board of Professional Psychology
Homeland Security Council
Dept. of Social Services
Computer Incidence Response Ctr.
Secret Service
Total Estimated Cost

I would guess admission prices would go up a bit as well.

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