Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bad Feng Shui, or Chronic Disorganization?

Before tackling anything as critical as changing the pure energy surrounding me, I thought it wise to expand my knowledge and contemplate the concepts and practices of a 3,000 year-old science (Feng Shui), i.e. Eastern approach, or a more left-brained method offered by The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), i.e. Western approach.
Feng Shui teaches that by the simple act of moving stuff around, a door will open. I found this to be absolutely true. I haven’t been able to open my back door for months. Once I moved several cartons filled with stuff intended for Goodwill, the door swung open freely.
NAPO insists that my clutter is not my fault. I like that concept. They explain that we do what our parents did, but they never had to deal with everything we have to deal with today. I agree. It is my parents’ fault that my sanity was stolen right from under my nose. Now I have plenty of clutter but no sanity!
Feng Shui teaches that clutter is natural. I like that concept too. After all, nature loves clutter. Look at the stuff that drops from trees and blows around in the wind. Animals shed, birds molt and snakes wriggle out of their old dead skin and just leave it there to rot instead of folding it up neatly and putting it in the hamper.
NAPO insists that we are not born organized and is not something we have in our blood. Actually, I have x-rays to prove that in my developmental stage, my umbilical cord was spooled and hung neatly on a mounting bracket. I instinctually knew that this would draw in more confidence and opportunities. I’m not sure when I lost the God-given gift of tidiness, but at least I know I have the capacity.
NAPO also says we own too much stuff and have too little time to deal with it. We get thousands of pieces of mail, bills and paper piling up while we sleep. This is frightening to me. The thought of something of this magnitude taking place while I’m lying unprotected in my bed unnerves me. All this time, I thought I was losing weight and earning money while I sleep.
There is way more information about this subject than I thought.  I will have to continue my research to choose the most effective method of de-cluttering, getting organized and changing my energy flow. Obviously, postponing the activity is the only course of action until more information is collected.

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  1. Chronic Disorganization sounds so much better than just being a slob, which is what I'm told I am.