Friday, December 11, 2015

Beating the Peter Principle with the Principles of St. Peter

Laurence Peter developed the theory that selecting a candidate to fill a position is based on their abilities in their current role rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, candidates stop being effective once they reach their level of incompetence.

Very insightful Larry but there is a solution. I have discovered that keepin’ it holy is priority number one and what or who is holier than Saint Peter?  You needn’t worry about the Peter Principle if you will but master the following principles of St. Peter. 

  • ·      Be there first. St. Peter was among the first disciples called during Jesus’ ministry and he was first to enter the empty tomb, proving seniority counts big time.  Question the saying, ‘fools rush in’ because even though they are called fools, they do get all the best seats now, don’t they?

  • ·      Roll your eyes. Many of the paintings of St. Peter depict him looking up. I don’t think he was looking up as to the Father. He was rolling his eyes in response to an accusation.

  • ·      Deny any and all accusations. Even if your photograph is posted on Facebook, deny it and explain the marvels of Photoshop. Deny that you are in denial.  

  • ·      Be the rock. Jesus gave Peter (formerly Simon) his new name which means, “rock.”  It also helps to remember the famous quote from Forest Gump, “Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks.”

  • ·      Always allow yourself three chances to succeed at anything before giving up. If you fail after the third try, faint and say you’re suffering from a temporary mental health condition.

  • ·      Keep in mind that impulsiveness and sudden action will camouflage a shallow thinker. It is acceptable to blurt. St. Peter was a blurter but also prepare eloquent and dramatic boilerplate speeches to cover thy ass if things go wrong.

  • ·      If you become emotionally overwhelmed when multiple challenges occur in rapid succession, take a nap.

  • ·      Fishnet stockings, denounce them.

  • ·      Show subordinates that you are capable of great anger. This will demonstrate that it is not wise to question you for fear of summoning your forceful personality.

  • ·      If you have not met a deadline to execute an important assignment, explain that you twisted your ankle while trying to walk on water skis. 

 Be sure to celebrate your success and hard work with regular lunches, dinners and drinks after work. There is no shame in bragging about your success. Consider publishing your success story in the company newsletter or sharing it on one of your company’s social platforms. Convince your superiors that attending concerts is beneficial in broadening your horizons and improves your mood. Remember, be the rock.

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